Private Yoga Classes

What are the benefits of a private class?

Yoga is a holistic system that includes movement, breath work, mindfulness, meditation, cultivating an inner landscape to support health and healing and deep restorative relaxation. These techniques bring balance and health to all levels of body, mind and spirit.

Private yoga sessions are a wonderful way to obtain valuable information to help you improve your health.  Individual considerations are taken into account so that in even one session students generally make deep and sustainable progress. Individuals who have never experienced yoga before to advanced practitioners benefit from private yoga if they wish to positively enhance their overall resiliency.  

Many people think that only those people who are mobile, flexible, healthy and/or strong are able to practice yoga.  This is just not true.  Anyone who can breathe may benefit from yoga as the practices are diverse and adaptable to all who are interested.

Whether you are looking for a complete Yoga Therapy Assessment and Wellness Program or a one-time tune-up, a private session can benefit any person’s journey toward vibrant physical, emotional and mental wellness.  

· Sleep better

· Create a home practice

· Alleviate stress and improve well-BEing

· Prepare for and/or recover from surgery

· Deepen an already established yoga practice

· Decrease anxiety, depression and chronic pain

· Improve spine and joint strength and flexibility

· Introduce yourself to yoga in a safe one-on-one environment


What is the frequency of a private session?
Each student is unique, and the frequency of private sessions will vary based on an individual’s needs.  This will be discussed during the initial consultation.  

Individuals with specific health concerns and those who wish to manifest deep and lasting change and transformation often benefit from a complete Yoga Therapy Assessment and Wellness Program. This program involves meeting with the yoga therapist for a series of three (minimum) one-on-one sessions and establishing a regular home practice.  During this process, a detailed lesson plan is created which features photos of the student in prescribed practices and a description of the practices.

For some students, private sessions may serve as the primary form of yoga practice and are therefore scheduled one or two times per week for an extended period of time.  Other students who typically attend yoga classes regularly may seek just one or two sessions to address a specific issue.

Please Note: Rather than take the place of western medical or mental health diagnoses or advice Private Therapeutic Yoga augments an individual’s journey toward better health.  This process facilitates a deeper connection to your body’s innate wisdom while re-engaging with the natural healing mechanisms inherent inside each one of us.